Frequently Asked Questions

1I already have a referral program. Why switch to Aklamio?
Increase your referrals. Benefit from the cutting-edge technology powering the referral programs of more than 300 global brands and go omnichannel with Aklamio. Reduce your costs. Save time and resources by outsourcing the full management of your program to our specialized team, so you can focus on what you do best!
2How easy is it to get my program up and running?
Avoid the hassle of developing and managing your referral program in-house. Aklamio provides a plug and play solution. We customize all programs to fully reflect your brand and offer a seamless experience to your users. Let us host your referral platform, or integrate it to your website with a simple JavaScript snippet.
3Why is Aklamio a better alternative to building an in-house solution?
Aklamio is plug and play ready. Wave goodbye to high-cost and time-consuming development and internal resources. Launch your program in mere days! Our solutions are all-inclusive and provide all the peripheral services for your program from the multi-lingual customer support of your users to the payout of their rewards and the best consultancy you can get. In short: maximized sales, reduced costs, no risk, and happy customers.
4How much revenue growth can I expect?
Our partners have reported generating on average between 5% and 20% revenue growth thanks to Aklamio depending on which industry they are in. Ensure fast and optimal results by giving your new program the exposure it deserves by promoting it to your customer base and featuring it on your website. In addition, Aklamio will consult you on effective marketing and campaign strategies stemming from the best practices and know-how we have accrued: referral marketing is our speciality!
5What does Aklamio mean by "Omnichannel"?
Roll out your new referral program across all your sales channels. Aklamio offers a unified user experience whether your customers want to refer online, via your hotline or at the point of sale. Even better, we will also provide you with an omnichannel referral-tracking infrastructure.
6Is Aklamio GDPR compliant?
Aklamio is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation. We value your and your customer's privacy, and are committed to keeping your data safe. As a company founded in Germany, a country with some of the strictest rules regarding privacy protection, you can rest assured we have been observant of the highest standards when it comes to the handling of data and marketing practices.
7How fast can I launch my program?
Your all-inclusive referral program will be tailor-made and ready to deploy within 2 to 4 weeks.
8Where is Aklamio available?
Aklamio currently supports 10 languages and 5 currencies across 40 countries and will flexibly accompany your brand's global expansion across new territories.
9What other benefits does Aklamio offer?
As a customer, you will receive the continuous support of a dedicated referral marketing expert specializing in your industry to assist you in the optimization of your strategy and the rolling out of your programs. In addition, your company will profit from our constantly evolving features and innovation to ensure your referral program benefits from the newest technology available.