Rewards per recommendation or cashback

Description Reward
Ground travel and activities 10%
Hotel 6%
Car 5.5%
Flight 1%

Est. reward confirmation time n/a

The confirmation period may vary according to the terms and conditions of the individual shops. Read more

Important information

Please note:
Splits of bookings for continous stays in hotels or travels are not permitted. Rewards will only be paid once.

The reward validation begins after your stay is completed and takes 3-4 months. All orders have to be carried out in GBP.

Only private bookings will be rewarded.

No reward will be paid for bookings with a voucher.

Only bookings that take place within 6 months from the booking date will be rewarded.

Support requests need to be submitted within 3 months after the order was placed. Later on submitted requests will be rejected by Expedia.
Please make your order only if you agree to these conditions.

How it works

About this shop

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Please note

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  • Your successful (referral and cashback) rewards will be displayed in your Aklamio account as “pending” while awaiting final approval from our shop partner.
  • We will send you email updates on the status of your rewards.
  • Rewards expressed in % refer to the net purchase value. Sales tax, shipping and other charges included in the purchase price will not contribute to the reward or cashback value. Rewards or Cashback may not be awarded in conjunction with voucher codes.
  • The additional use of vouchers can lead to a reduction up to the non-payment of the money.