Required assets to build your incentivization platform

Example of a portal

Portal Hero image

1900x700px. As PNG. No Text, max of 300kB.

The hero image is the main visual point of the portal. From a design perspective we request that any graphics are located on the right size of the image. This will allow a better visibility of the login area. Format: PNG, EPS or Figma

CRM Hero image

580x150px. As PNG.

The hero image is the main visual of each transactional email. Please do not provide any image that is smaller as this will look pixelated. Please add the brand logo on the CRM banner or send us a ready-to-use image.


Transparent high resolution SVG. or PNG.

The company logo is always required throughout the entire integration. The file should be as good resolution as possible. SVG would be the best file.


Typeface Source or Google Fonts. (Files : EOT, OTF or WOFF formats are accepted)

Fonts are the basis of a brand. For the integration we will need your font files. We require at least one of the following formats: TTF, OTF, EOT, WOFF. If you use a free font (available at google fonts) let us know and we will download it. Otherwise please send us the file.

Product Images

300x300px High Resolution. As PNG.

They are a visual representation of what you are offering. The minimum size should be 300x300px. In case you don’t offer any products, we can always design a banner or something similar to promote the brand. The image should be always provided by you. The product image should not contain any text or CTA.

HIW icons (optional. PNG or SVG file)

Standalone widget background (optional) 1600 x 1200px

Style guide

PDF or web portal from your design or brand teams

Your branding or marketing team probably developed a style guide to show how to use your brand. If you have an online platform or a design system, please invite us using the following email address: