Rewards per recommendation or cashback

Description Reward
per booking (only credit card) 4%

Est. reward confirmation time more than 12 weeks

The confirmation period may vary according to the terms and conditions of the individual shops. Read more

Important information

Achtung: akzeptiert keine Nachbuchungen, weder für nicht erfasste noch für abgelehnte Buchungen. Bitte bestelle nur, wenn Du mit diesen Bedingungen einverstanden bist.

How it works

About this shop offers a great variety of travel categories. You can manage your bookings in more than 500.000 hotels and other accommodations worldwide. Caution: Several bookings for the same stay in a hotel will not be rewarded (f.e. a stay in a hotel for 5 nights, has to be booked as one stay, not as 5 separate nights)

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  • Your successful (referral and cashback) rewards will be displayed in your Aklamio account as “pending” while awaiting final approval from our shop partner
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