Rewards per recommendation or cashback

Description Reward
per booking (only credit card) 4%

Est. reward confirmation time more than 12 weeks

The confirmation period may vary according to the terms and conditions of the individual shops. Read more

Important information

Achtung: Nachbuchungen können erst nach Abschluss der Reise bearbeitet werden und werden vorher auch nicht zur Prüfung weitergeleitet. Bitte bestelle nur, wenn du mit diesen Bedingungen einverstanden bist.

How it works

About this shop offers a great variety of travel categories. You can manage your bookings in more than 500.000 hotels and other accommodations worldwide. Caution: Several bookings for the same stay in a hotel will not be rewarded (f.e. a stay in a hotel for 5 nights, has to be booked as one stay, not as 5 separate nights)

Please note

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  • Your successful (referral and cashback) rewards will be displayed in your Aklamio account as “pending” while awaiting final approval from our shop partner
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