Reward overview

Description Reward
1blu-ManagedServer 6P 37,50 €
1blu-DedicatedServer 3XP, 1blu-ManagedServer 4P, 1blu-RootServer C10, 1blu-StorageServer S10 18,50 €
1blu-DedicatedServer XP, 1blu-Performance-Paket XXL, 1blu-RootServer C8, 1blu-StorageServer S5, 1blu-VPS R48 13,50 €
1blu-RootServer C6, 1blu-StorageServer S2 8,50 €
1blu-Homepage Professional, 1blu-Homepage Ultimate, 1blu-Performance-Paket L, 1blu-Performance-Paket XL, 1blu-RootServer C4, 1blu-StorageServer S1, 1blu-Webbaukasten Premium 6,50 €
1blu-Drive Business, 1blu-Homepage Power, 1blu-Homepage Unlimited, 1blu-ManagedServer 2P, 1blu-Performance-Paket M, 1blu-VPS R24, 1blu-Webbaukasten Business 4 €
1blu - Drive Power, 1blu-ManagedServer LP 3,75 €
1blu-Drive Home, 1blu-Homepage, 1blu-VPS R16, 1blu-VPS R8, 1blu-Webbaukasten Start, 1blu-vServer 2R 2 €
1blu-Homepage A 1 €


Rewards expressed in % refer to the net purchase value. Sales tax, shipping and other charges included in the purchase price will not contribute to the reward or cashback value. Rewards or Cashback may not be awarded in conjunction with voucher codes.