Aklamio – Who we are and what we do

Founded in 2011, Aklamio rapidly became Europe’s largest referral platform. Recent studies confirm that up to 50 percent of all purchase decisions are motivated by word-of-mouth.

Knowingly or not – everyone is creating economic value by sharing, reviewing, liking and recommending products online.

So why do companies still invest billions of euros in advertising their products on TV, print and search engines, yet neglect the power of their own customers’ voice?

Aklamio’s mission is to change that. Our solutions enable brands to reward word-of-mouth by paying customers a share of the revenues they help to generate. We call it “Fairsharing”. Up until now more than 3.000 brands became part of our “Fairsharing” initiative.

Every day, thousands of new users start to engage with Aklamio, recommending products they love to their friends, earning money and sharing the values of the Aklamio community. Therefore more and more brands are starting to take advantage of Aklamio’s Fairsharing-technology – to the benefit of everybody. Aklamio is currently available in seven European countries with offices in Berlin, Madrid, London, and Paris.