Our platform enables brands to grow.

Our Customer Incentives Platform is at the heart of what we do.
It helps enterprises grow by finding ways to connect with their customers. The platform allows us to put the customer brand experience under the microscope, highlighting the opportunities within the customer lifecycle to incentivize new and existing customers – they’re all a catalyst for growth.

Improve your customers’ experience by incentivizing their actions with our software

We are a catalyst for growth

There are many reasons why customers choose us over an internal solution or another partner. But these are the ones that get mentioned the most.

Built for growth

Our entire platform was built with the aim of enabling our customers to grow. Our core KPIs revolve around maximizing the value that brands get from their customers through our platform. This isn’t going to change. We are constantly working to improve our solutions and innovate, to make sure you are well equipped in your quest for growth.

Incentives platform that increases sales
Easy to use and integrate customer acquisition software

Easy set up & fully customizable

You can either choose a plug & play integration to get up and running in a few days or connect to our APIs for a more in-depth integration. Whatever you choose, we make sure it’s easy and tailored to your needs.


The programs you choose to run will reflect your brand image and we will take care of the customization part for you. We’ve made implementing a high-performing, fully-managed customer acquisition channel unique and more accessible than ever. With Aklamio, your new incentives program can go live in 14 days!

Extensive customer incentives solutions

Our platform has an extensive set of solutions that are readily available to help your programs run successfully. Our solutions are geared towards your needs, from referral marketing to upsell & cross-sell or loyalty & retention. Whatever the program type, we’ve got you covered.

Run your programs successfully
Offer a seamless omnichannel customer experience by enabling your customers to interact with your business across multiple channels

Flexible and unrestricted

Our platform is making it easier to reach customers at any point during their brand experience. We offer you far greater capabilities to connect with your customers, no matter the channel or the program you want to launch.

Customer centric

We draw insights and patterns from your customers so you can know them like never before. Our secret? Using data generated from all tracked touch points and channels, to help craft and optimize customer centric and highly converting programs.

We speak from experience

Our proven industry experience speaks for itself. We’ve had over ten years to perfect our platform and services and powered incentives programs for over 300 global brands.

You pay when it works

We focus on keeping your customers happy and your customer base growing. Our pricing is aligned to your growth goals and you will mainly pay based on the performance of our products. Little upfront investment, no risk.

You’re in safe hands

We are serious about protecting you and your customers’ personal information. We go to comprehensive lengths to ensure that every bit of data is protected and secure. We are committed to industry standards of compliance and privacy frameworks.

Four modules. Endless possibilities.

See what modules work for your business by clicking on one of the boxes below.

You can choose what features you need from each module. But don’t worry, if you don’t know how to get started, or what to pick first, our experts will be able to guide you and recommend the most suitable options.


  • Online
  • Call-Center
  • POS


  • Product- and Customer-level rewarding
  • Tiered rewards


  • Cash
  • Vouchers
  • Carbon offsetting

Insights & Analytics

  • Reporting
  • Customer insights
  • Optimization
  • Fraud detection


Our services reduce the complexity of your marketing programs. We go beyond the ordinary to ensure your brand and campaigns are primed for success. Our experience and knowledge will help steer your business towards growth. Whether consulting with you to find your perfect solution or customer service, we’ve got your brand’s best interest in mind.

Program & Customer Management:

Configure and manage all your incentives programs in a central interface. Synchronize your customer databases and customer actions through our APIs. You can also grant incentives based on customer groups and activities. However, you don’t need to do it on your own, we can also do it for you.

Expert Consultancy:

When it comes to growing your business, we’ve got the experts to tell you how. We’ll help you identify opportunities within your customer’s lifecycle and give you the tools to act on them through optimized programs and best practices. But, it doesn’t stop there. A designated Customer Success Manager will be by your side through thick and thin to ensure you get the most out of our platform.

Account Management:

To ensure you get the best reach and engagement out of your programs, we’ll assign you an expert that will help you manage and optimize them. They’ll educate your team about the finer product details and its capabilities.

UX/UI Customization:

We’re brand guardians in that we give you complete customization capability to ensure your incentive programs looks like it’s part of your brand. Your program can be made bespoke, visually and content-wise, and integrated simply.

Customer Support:

We take care of all customer needs and requests related to your incentives program: reward payments, customer service, technical support and legal updates. No overhead costs.