Reward your customers at the speed of a CSV upload

Incentivise new and existing customers with Aklamio Cashback. All you need is a CSV file and our Reward Engine.

Reduce your time to market with the power of our Reward Engine + CSV uploads

Easily reward your customers with the right incentives in a seamless way using our Reward Engine’s CSV uploading tool and a set of reward rules that you define.

Flexible rewards

Retention, loyalty or upgrades. Find your reason for rewarding your customers with Aklamio Cashback, upload it to to your Reward Generation screen and our reward rules will match it to the right cashback value.

No code solution

This is the fastest way to get started with Aklamio Cashback, all you need is a list of your customers and why are you rewarding them. Our Reward Engine will take care of the rest.

Simple and quick fulfilment

Customers have a seamless experience in which they don’t have to take any extra steps. Their cashback is paid out once you confirm their reward.

No maintenance effort

Our customer support team handles reward fulfilment and answers all customer inquiries related to the program. This way, you can focus on your core business.

Looking for a programmatic solution?

Our Tracking API offers a straightforward client-to-server or server-to-server integration for your web shop or mobile apps. Learn more on our developer’s page.

An incentives platform that grows your revenue

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Run successful referral programs and enrich your customers’ experience