Our solutions help you engage with new and existing customers

Whether your goals are to build brand loyalty with existing customers or engage with new ones, our solutions will help achieve it. They will give you the tools you need to grow your business.

Referral marketing

Customers are becoming increasingly skeptical about traditional advertising and marketing and prefer to make purchasing decisions independent of what companies tell them about their products. 92% of consumers around the world trust recommendations from friends and family, above all other forms of advertising. This explains why word of mouth is the primary factor for almost half of all purchasing decisions and why referral marketing is the cheapest channel brands can implement into their marketing mix.


Your existing customers are your brand’s most powerful asset. So why not start from here? Create a new growth channel by allowing your customers to share their love for your product with their peers. The right incentive will help you drive significantly more referrals and also show your advocates how much you value them.

Turn your customers into advocates and build a stronger base of users with our incentives platform.
Acquire new customers and exceed your sales goals with our customer incentives software.

Customer acquisition

Combine your offerings with incentives like cashback, vouchers or carbon offsetting to raise interest, acquire new customers and exceed your sales goals. 

Upsell & Cross sell

Happy customers are 50% more likely to try new products than new customers due to mutual trust with your brand. Incentivize them to switch to larger plans or to subscribe to additional services. With the right incentive your conversion rates will skyrocket.

Incentivize customers to switch to larger plans. With the right incentive your conversion rates will improve substantially.
Our retention programs increase your customers’ lifetime value.

Loyalty & Retention

There are more brands than ever going toe-to-toe to fight for customers. But, in an oversaturated market battling for customers, your greatest asset is the customers you have. We want to help you keep them and keep them happy. Our retention programs make your customers feel appreciated and rewarded, increasing their lifetime value. Higher customer retention rates can boost your profits. With us, you keep your customers engaged, reward contract extensions and foster your customer advocacy.